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The story of Cloetta Fazer

Cloetta Fazer's brands
Cloetta Fazer's brands

What happens when two Nordic partners split?

The Nordic region’s largest chocolate and sugar confectionery player Cloetta Fazer has split. Yet another de-merger in the dynamic world of commerce, so what makes this story so tempting? By Kunal Majumder

The company was formed after merging two giants – Cloetta of Sweden and Fazer Konfektyr of Finland in 2000. With a market share of 22 per cent, it became Nordic region’s largest chocolate and sugar Confectionery Company. Cloetta Fazer seemed unstoppable with its operations spread from Stockholm to Moscow. Twelve brands of the company dominated and still dominate the taste buds of Scandinavia — Karl Fazer, Dumle and Geisha are the most popular. Then eight years later, they decided to part ways.

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