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‘If Kashmiris want to stay with India, we have no issues’

Pakistan Kashmir Affairs minister Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo tells Kunal Majumder that only talks can resolve the vexed issue: “In the Shimla agreement, both countries had decided that the Kashmir issue will be resolved through dialogue, not through any form of aggression. Pakistan has always maintained that the issue can be resolved when the Indian, Pakistani and Kashmiri leadership sit together and talk. Gilani’s statement should be welcomed. During their meetings, both the prime ministers have agreed on the need to continue talking. The ongoing composite dialogues are the result. Manmohan Singh has himself accepted that Kashmir will be a part of these composite dialogues. This is a victory for both sides and shows their seriousness in resolving the Kashmir issue as well as others.” Read more »

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‘America can play a role in solving the Kashmir issue’

Pakistan’s Kashmir Affairs minister Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo tells KUNAL MAJUMDER the Indo-Pak dialogue should restart PM Manmohan Singh said India is not afraid of the K-word and will talk to Pakistan. How will Islamabad reciprocate? It is good news that US President Barack Obama mentioned Kashmir and asked India and Pakistan to resolve the issue. Read more »

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A Crusade or an Ego Wars

Israel and Hezbollah exchanged prisoners yesterday. Hezbollah gave the dead bodies of the two Israeli soldiers. Remember the Lebanon war was fought on these, now dead, soldiers. Israel returned four extremist in return. One of them, the oldest Lebanese prisoner in Israeli jail, is said to have killed a father in front of his three-year-old Read more »

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