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‘Coal won’t fire India’s future’

IN DELHI to participate in the Sustainable Development Summit, Carl Pope, a veteran environmentalist and chairman of Sierra Club, one of the world’s oldest environmental conservation organisations, tells Kunal Majumder why coal is no longer a viable option to meet India’s growing energy needs. Read more »

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Villagers die in protest over power plant in coastal Andhra

On 28 February, police fired teargas shells setting fire to nearly a hundred huts of fisherfolk in the Vadditandra village of Srikakulam district inciting people’s anger. The police provoked the villagers and then opened fire with live ammunition killing and injuring in the process, local activists claimed. The police claim they used rubber bullets. So how did 30-year-old C Erraiah and 36-year-old Giri Nageswar Rao die? Read more »

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MLA sweet talks locals into giving away land, which he transfers to French giant Lafarge

MLA sweet talks locals into giving away land, which he transfers to French giant Lafarge Read more »

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Half-life of the Coal Child

Not many know that the dangerous and suffocating rat mines of Meghalaya are worked by 70,000 child miners. Following them into hellish pits, Kunal Majumder exposes the dark veins of an exploitative industr Read more »

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Mine Or Everybody’s?

A NEW BILL SEEKS TO INCLUDE LOCALS AS MINING PARTNERS, SAYS KUNAL MAJUMDER RAMANNA, THE CPI(Maoist) leader, has cited 96 of the 102 MOUs signed between the Chhattisgarh government and the mining companies as one of the leading provocations for the Dantewada massacre. “These multinationals continue to loot the natural wealth, leading to mass displacements,” Read more »

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