Request to Katju to issue an advisory to the media against naming or publish details of the victim


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From: Kunāl Majumder <mail@kunalmajumder.com>
Date: 23 November 2013 18:29
Subject: An urgent request regarding Tehelka case
To: chairmanbpp-pci@nic.in, mark_katju@yahoo.co.in

Dear sir,
Though I am the online editor of Tehelka and a colleague of the victim,  I write to you in my personal capacity as a citizen and a friend of the victim. Could you kindly reconsider your decision against issuing any advisory to media to refrain from naming the victim as well as publishing content from her personal mail which gives graphic description of an unfortunate event. Hindustan Times has already apologised for publishing her mail. Unfortunately others are still continuing with this voyeurism. The victim has time and again requested her privacy to be respected.
Here is an online petition requesting the same signed by her friends, colleagues and concerned citizens of this country. http://www.change.org/en-IN/petitions/to-all-editors-journalists-bloggers-users-of-social-media-and-the-public-protect-privacy-of-tehelka-journalist
Hope you will not disappoint us young journalists who are already shocked at the insensitivity our own fraternity.
Kunāl Majumder  | KunalMajumder.com

Kunal Majumder  | https://kunalmajumder.com 


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