Make Justice J S Verma or Justice Santosh Hegde the Chairman

Dear Dr. Manmohan Singh ji,


We were invited for talks by Shri Kapil Sibal yesterday (7th April, 2011). Swami Agnivesh and Arvind

Kejriwal went and met him twice.


Following issues were discussed:

1) The government agreed to set up a joint drafting committee consisting of 50% members from civil society.

2) The Government agreed that this committee should prepare its draft law by such time so that it could be presented in the monsoon session of Parliament.

3) The government proposed Mr Pranab Mukherjee to head this committee. I request you to reconsider this as people are demanding a non‐political person as the Chairperson. Despite an

outcry for me to be the Chairperson, I am not interested in holding any position. I propose the name/s of Justice J S Verma or Justice Santosh Hegde to be made the Chairperson.

4) All the above should be issued in the form of a notification or a formal government order which specifies the constitution of the committee, names of its members and Chairperson, time lines and terms.

Warm regards,

(K B Hazare)


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