Anna Hazare’s letter to Sonia Gandhi

Dear Mrs. Sonia Gandhi,

I am really grateful to you for your concern for my health. I am also relieved to note that you fullysupport the cause and think that ‘there is an urgent necessity of combating graft and corruption inpublic life’ and that ‘the law in these matters must be effective and deliver the desired results’.I wish to bring to your notice that the sub‐committee of your National Advisory Council (NAC) hasagreed with the broad content of Jan Lokpal Bill, barring two issues, after extensive discussions on April4th, 2011 with various knowledgeable sections of society.

May I request you to kindly get the draft discussed at full meeting of NAC at the earliest and recommendthe outcome to the government.

I await your early reply.

Warm regards

(K B Hazare)

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