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Wearing Weird Clothes Means You’re Confident’


What is your earliest memory?

I remember our green Impala car we had when I was 3 or 4. Apart from that I remember playing a lot of hockey, cricket and football. I was pretty good at games.

Something you wore when young, which would now embarrass you?

Bell-bottom jeans! I have vivid memories of those days when I used to think I was the coolest guy in the town in those jeans. Now I would not be caught dead in them!

Do you judge people by their clothes?

Clothes do speak a lot about people. It tells you about the choices they make. A detailed study of clothes can portray the real image of a person without a word being said, especially nowadays.

What about people who wear weird clothes?

If people wear weird stuff, it means they are confident of themselves. And it is good that they have the courage to wear weird things or else our lives would become very boring and monotonous.

Read the rest in Tehelka issue dated December 19, 2009

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