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‘Where is the change? Obama is no different’

CPM General Secretary Prakash Karat tells KUNAL MAJUMDER that the Left will hold protests against Obama’s policies
Why isn’t the CPM planning to boycott US President Barack Obama during his India visit?
We are not into the business of boycotting. Our MPs are not even boycotting the joint session of Parliament. When George Bush had come to India the last time, there was no joint session because we were opposed to his visit. We are not taking the same position as far as Obama is concerned. But since he is the American president and since he is coming to India on an official visit, we will use the occasion to express our opposition to some policies of the American administration and also their global strategic hegemonic designs. We are not opposing his visit as such.
One can understand your opposition to George Bush. But how different is Obama from Bill Clinton?
We didn’t declare any boycott for Clinton. We observed his visit as an anti-imperialist day, which is what we are doing for Obama too.
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