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‘We had promised each other we wouldn’t convert’

Fakhrul and Roda Naqvy
Fakhrul and Roda Naqvy (PHOTO: TARUN SEHRAWAT)

BY KUNAL MAJUMDER for Tehelka’s Independence Day Special Issue on Love

FAKHRUL NAQVY is 67. His wife Roda is 65. And they are anything but an elderly couple taking a walk at a children’s park. As the monsoon hits the city, the two have found a new escape: a game of Scrabble. And when they do take time out to have a chat, Fakhrul recalls his first meeting with Roda, a 23-year-old Parsi beauty, at Porbandar in 1968. “I took her out for a special tour of a 1965 exhibition train,” recalls Fakhrul. The next day Roda returned for another tour. They exchanged addresses and remained in touch until 1971 when they decided to marry. “We were clear that neither of us would convert,” says Fakhrul…
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