‘Lal Chowk is also a part of our country’

BJP youth wing president Anurag Thakur tells KUNAL MAJUMDER that hoisting the Tricolour is not divisive

What did you expect to achieve from the yatra and hoisting the Tricolour in Srinagar?
The basic motive of the yatra was to strengthen the unity and integrity of the country and involve the youth in the nation-building process. But even before the yatra began, separatist leaders and Omar Abdullah started opposing it. It sent a message that things haven’t changed in Kashmir due to the special status given by Pandit Nehru under Article 370. We want peace and harmony in this country but we also want the full integration of Jammu & Kashmir with India.
But Prime Minister Manmohan Singh claims the yatra is a divisive ploy.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should read the judgment of the Supreme Court, which clearly says hoisting the national flag is a fundamental right of every citizen. From time immemorial, people have laid down their lives for their flags. The Tricolour stands for the whole nation, its ideals, aspirations, hopes and achievements. In Jammu & Kashmir, some people are trying to create problems and the Centre is not taking appropriate steps. At times like these, the Tricolour inspires Indians to unite under its umbrella and defend the honour of their motherland. We are here to defend the honour of our motherland.

Why not Red Fort? Why Lal Chowk?
We will hoist the Tricolour at the Red Fort when we are in power at the Centre. When not in power, we want to hoist flags in all parts of the country and Lal Chowk is also a part of our country.
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