Syndicate Bank chairman arrest case: Why retail investors cannot really avoid risks on the Street

By Rajanya Bose The CBI is yet to provide decisive documents exposing the exact nature of transactions and fraud involved in the Syndicate Bank chairman arrest case. However, the markets have already given its verdict. Prakash Industries, Syndicate Bank and Bhushan Steel have lost heavily on the bourses, with Bhushan Steel losing more than half its Read more »

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Why Narendra Modi’s big challenges for Budget 2014 are very basic

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi can forget about MNREGA-style social schemes or any grand plans to clean river Ganga, his task was cut out the day the previous PM Manmohan Singh left 7 Race Course Road and the government coffers with a fiscal deficit of Rs 2,14,327 crore. The last government led by the once celebrated Read more »

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Prime Minister Modi, is this good governance?

modi ji

On the day BJP released its manifesto back in April 2014, Narendra Modi said something that made everyone sit up and take notice. “I promise I will never do anything for myself, I will never be vindictive,” the would-be prime minister announced. This comment came after Amit Shah’s controversial ‘badla’ comment in Muzaffarnagar. One of Read more »

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Pakistan can’t fight Taliban with old methods: TV Paul, author of ‘The Warrior State’

The author of 15 books on South Asia and international politics, TV Paul tries to decode Pakistan and its many troubles in his latest book The Warrior State. In a telephonic conversation with Kunal Majumder, Paul explains why Pakistan's Taliban policy requires a rethink Read more »

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Narendra Modi’s Bangladesh pitch requires a Moditva approach, not Hindutva


Dear Narendra Babu, I do not know if you were able to read the newspapers today. In Bangladesh, the country’s Supreme Court has ordered a Jamaat-e-Islami affiliate to vacate the house of legendary Bengali actress Suchitra Sen. The Sheikh Hasina government wants to convert the ancestral home of Sen in Pabna into a museum. However, Read more »

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