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Anna Hazare’s letter to Sonia Gandhi

Dear Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, I am really grateful to you for your concern for my health. I am also relieved to note that you fullysupport the cause and think that ‘there is an urgent necessity of combating graft and corruption inpublic life’ and that ‘the law in these matters must be effective and deliver the Read more »

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Make Justice J S Verma or Justice Santosh Hegde the Chairman

Dear Dr. Manmohan Singh ji,   We were invited for talks by Shri Kapil Sibal yesterday (7th April, 2011). Swami Agnivesh and Arvind Kejriwal went and met him twice.   Following issues were discussed: 1) The government agreed to set up a joint drafting committee consisting of 50% members from civil society. 2) The Government agreed Read more »

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Anna Hazare’s letter to Manmohan Singh

Kindly stop finding faults and suspecting conspiracies in our movement. There are none. Even if there were, it does not absolve you of your responsibilities to stop corruption. Read more »

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