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Spacing the Design

Architect of Dupont office in Gurgoan, Sonali Bhagwati, used company products like Corian, paints and PVB films to create innovative designs and branding. When you enter the Dupont office in Gurgoan, the first thing that you would notice at the reception is the illuminated portraits of its founders. You would be wondering – what sort Read more »

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New fad in Indian fashion: Turkish motifs

Elegant kaftans, toga dresses and loose pants are fast becoming a must-have in the wardrobes of fashionistas around the world, as the West finally seems to be waking up to the influence of Islamic culture on fashion. In India, however, Middle Eastern fashions have had a presence on the fashion scene for centuries. In New Read more »

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Cruising the Finnish cuisine

Do you know that Finns make almost a dozen of types of berry pies? Blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, cloudberry, strawberry…the list goes on. Berry picking is a national hobby in Finland. It’s even there in the law. All Finnish citizens have a right to pick berries and mushrooms in all forest lands irrespective of the ownership! Read more »

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Scrapping the virus

• I am a HIV+ male looking for HIV+ female for marriage. Kindly let me know if anybody can help. • I got this deadly virus through some unknown sources. I had dreams about my family and kids. I want to have my own family and kids. I’m desperate about it. If methods are available Read more »

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First luxury mall from Gitanjali Group at Hyderabad by early June 2009: Choksi

In March last year, Gitanjali Group announced plans to enter the luxury retail market with Luxury Connexions and Luxury Malls. The company promised to offer a one-stop-shop for worldclass fashion, jewellery and wedding products. Much has happened since then. The global economic scenario as well as that in the country has changed. What is also Read more »

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